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Travel Insurance

These days Sports Tours International are well-known as the number one choice for travelling athletes, and sporting enthusiasts, in Europe. We are the go to for anyone who wants to take part in events across the world. As International Travel Partner of the 6 World Marathon Majors, and VIP tour operator of the 3 Grand Tours and 5 Monuments of Cycling, we cover a wide range of events.

Sports Tours International has partnered with Endsleigh to develop a bespoke insurance policy that is specifically designed for you while partaking on our tours. We are working together to ensure you have adequate Insurance for your tour and to provide complete peace of mind. The policy is available to UK and Non-UK residents and will cover trips in the UK, Europe and Worldwide.If you are in the process of booking an STI tour or have already booked you may want to consider what level of insurance protection you have in place in case the worst were to happen. As a customer of STI we would always recommend you purchase adequate and fit for purpose travel insurance. Unlike many travel insurance policies, the STI policy provides full cover for activities such as marathons and triathlons.

Taking out your travel insurance at the time of booking your trip is a really good idea as cover for pre-departure cancellation starts from the policy issue date. This means you’ll have cover to recoup your costs if you have to cancel your trip for an insured reason such as illness or serious accident preventing you from travelling.

We believe that enjoyment and safety are equally important when travelling with Sports Tours International, It is therefore one of our terms and conditions of booking that you have adequate travel insurance in place before you travel with us.

How much does it cost?
Essential Rates Per Person
Essential Statement of Insurance

Period (Days) UK Europe World-wide Excl USA/Canada/ Caribbean World-wide Incl USA/Canada/ Caribbean
1 – 5 £25.47 £41.87 £73.25 £83.69
6 – 10 £50.53 £73.81 £147.56 £156.83
11 – 17 £61.17 £90.97 £189.13 £196.26
18 – 24. £71.82 £108.14 £230.69 £235.73
25 – 31. £82.47 £125.25 £272.25 £275.16
Add. Week £15.84 £23.89 £51.04 £52.11


Comprehensive Rates Per Person – Statement of Insurance Comprehensive

Period (Days) UK Europe World-wide Excl USA/Canada/ Caribbean World-wide Incl USA/Canada/ Caribbean
1 – 5 £31.56 £51.82 £90.68 £103.63
6 – 10 £62.55 £91.42 £182.73 £194.20
11 – 17 £75.73 £112.65 £234.20 £243.05
18 – 24. £88.97 £133.88 £285.68 £291.90
25 – 31. £102.15 £155.11 £337.15 £340.75
Add. Week £19.63 £29.56 £63.17 £64.54

What does the policy cover?

The Sports Tours International Policy covers the following:

Medical Expenses
If you are taken ill or have an accident Endsleigh will pay your emergency medical bills and hospital costs.

The cost of bringing a close relative to visit you following a medical emergency
Emergency dental treatment for the immediate relief of pain

If you cancel the tour prior to arrival due to an accident, illness or sickness you will be able to claim back the costs of pre-paid travel and accommodation

Equipment Cover
Cover for your own or hired equipment in the event of loss theft or damage.

Baggage Cover
You will be reimbursed if your luggage is lost, stolen or accidentally damaged.

The table below shows the maximum amounts which are payable under each section within the Sports Tours International policy:

Section Benefits Maximum Amount – Essential Maximum Amount – Comprehensive
1 Cancellation or curtailment charges £2,000 £5,000
Aggregate Limit £50,000 £50,000
Excursions £250 £250
2 Emergency medical & other expenses £5,000,000 £10,000,000
Emergency dental treatment £250 £500
Search and rescue no cover £5,000
3 Hospital benefit no cover £15 per day up to £300
4 Personal accident
i. Death benefit (aged under 16) £1,000 £1,000
Death benefit (aged 16 to 64) £15,000 £30,000
Death benefit (aged 65 and over) £1,000 £1,000
ii. Loss of limbs or sight (aged under 65) £15,000 £30,000
iii. Permanent total disablement (aged under 65) £15,000 £30,000
5 Baggage
Baggage (Including valuables) £1,500 £2,000
a) Single article, pair or set limit £200 £300
b) Valuables limit in total £250 £350
Baggage delay no cover £100
6 Personal money, passport & documents
1.  a) Currency, notes and coins £200 £200
b)  Currency, notes and coins (aged under 16) £50 £50
c) Other personal money and documents £200 £500
2. Passport or visa £250 £500
7 Personal liability £1,000,000 £2,000,000
8 Delayed departure
1. Delay No cover £20 per 12 hrs up to £100
2. Cancellation of trip No Cover £5,000
Aggregate Limit No Cover £50,000
9 Missed departure £250 £500
10 Hijack and hostage no cover £50 per day up to £3000
11 Catastrophes and natural disasters no cover £500
12 Air rage
1. Delay No Cover £100
2 i. Death benefit (aged under 16) No Cover £5,000
Death benefit (aged 16 to 64) No Cover £10,000
Death benefit (aged 65 and over) No Cover £5,000
Loss of limbs or sight (aged under 16) No Cover £16,000
 Loss of limbs or sight (aged 16 to 64) No Cover £32,000
iii. Permanent total disablement (aged under 16) No Cover £20,000
Permanent total disablement (aged 16 to 64) No Cover £40,000
13 Incarceration no cover £1,000
14 Overseas legal expenses & assistance £10,000 £50,000
Aggregate limit £10,000 £50,000
15 Extended kennel and/or cattery fees £250 £250
In home country £150 £150



You can purchase insurance at any point up until your departure date, however we strongly recommend that you book it when you book your tour, so that it will cover you in the event of insured reasons for cancellation such as illness or an accident preventing you from travelling.

You will be given the opportunity to add insurance to your package with us at the point of booking your tour, if however you wish to add the insurance at a later date you can speak to our team who can add this to your package. Should you have any issue please email us at to request cover.



“Known circumstances/events at the start date of your cover.”

Effective from 4.27pm on 11th March 2020, Coronavirus (Covid-19) was declared a pandemic by the World Health Organisation and became a global known event. All policies sold after this time (or new trips booked under existing policies) will not cover claims under the ‘Cancellation or curtailment charges’ section due to Coronavirus (Covid-19).

Please click here for important beneficiaries information

Please click here for important policy information

Please click here for more policy FAQ

Please email:



4.7 out of 5
Duane Bridger
Duane Bridger

27, Coventry

This is the first time I have used Sports Tours and I am really impressed. The efficiency, the friendliness, the off-the-cuff vital advice all made this toughie as enjoyable as it can. Few companies have retained their ethos since covid and this is one of them.

Steve Turner
Steve Turner

28, London

The organisation from the Sports Tours team was amazing from start to finish – every member of staff from the airport team, mechanics, organisers, drivers and drink stop team could not do enough for us all and they never stopped smiling! Please pass on my thanks to everyone! All 8 of us finished (somehow!!) and if we are ever stupid enough to ride it again we will be using you guys to book.

Roddy Hamilton
Roddy Hamilton

31, Manchester

For 3 years, through cancellations, lockdowns and multiple flight cancellations, Sports Tours International have remained responsive and professional – all staff and especially yourself, Vicki, very helpful and efficient, and the organisation and hotel set-up was first-class, I’d not hesitate to book with Sports Tours again.

Our Experience Will Make Yours

Our Experience Will Make Yours

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