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25 May 2023   |   Uncategorized   |   

Top training tips with our ambassador Raj

Whether you’re tackling your first or tenth marathon training requires time, effort, dedication and motivation. Our running ambassador Raj has completed nine marathons and has built up a solid list of tips that he shared with us.

What does your training plan look like?

“I run without fail four days a week, aiming to run at my planned race pace, as well as longer runs and gradually increasing my mileage. I also like to throw in some cross-training one day a week, either by going out on my bike or going for a swim and have two full rest days.”

How long do you train for?

“I train for around 12-14 weeks before the marathon, which works for me as I run all year round. However, if you are new to marathon running, I’d recommend training for at least 16-20 weeks in advance, as this gives you time to build up to it, so you don’t shock your system. The initial weeks of training involve building good habits and consistency. Listen to any aches and pains, take appropriate rest and sleep well.”

How do you prepare for a marathon?

“Study the course map and the elevation so you know what to expect, and then once you’re running it, you can acknowledge when the hills are coming up and prepare to slow down. Train appropriately for your marathon, and make sure to include some hill training and strength training in your marathon prep.”

Do you recommend tapering before the marathon?

“Towards the end of the training cycle, you start feeling it! And although it’s important to learn how to run on tired legs when training to run a marathon, the key is to get yourself tired, work hard in the training, and then taper so that your body gets chance to recover so you’re fresh for marathon day. A lot of people suggest a 3-week taper, but for my last 4 marathons I’ve tapered for 10 days, and that works well for me in terms of feeling recovered and fresh for the race.”

How do you stay composed and maintain a steady pace?

“Understanding your race pace and training is crucial, as if you don’t know your race pace you won’t know that you’re getting carried away and going too fast. A good tip is to get a pace band in line with your goal time, you can get these at the expo, and after each mile keep an eye on the time on your watch to check if you’re on track or going too fast.”



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