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7 June 2024   |   Blog   |   

Tara Carroll’s Tokyo Marathon Journey: Inspiring Mental Resilience

Tara Carroll from Dublin, has conquered five World Marathon Majors and now sets her sights set on the coveted sixth star medal. We caught up with Tara at the Tokyo Marathon where she ran with Sports Tours and were blown away by her determination and mental fortitude, driven by a desire to prove to her son that anything is possible.


Why did you start running?

I started running to keep my mental health in check, getting out and hitting a goal really helps. I keep running to stay level-headed from all the pressure of life and work, I am also a single parent with a small child. It gave me some time to myself, and I quickly realised how beneficial it was to my mental health and how in turn, made me a better parent.

When did you decide to run the Tokyo Marathon and why?

I had never been to Tokyo, and it was always somewhere I longed to go. A colleague of mine had previously taken on the Tokyo Marathon and told me about the wonderful experience he’d had with Sports Tours, so when they offered me a place from their cancelation list – I jumped at it!

How did you prepare for your fifth star at the Tokyo Marathon?

I always try to stick to a running plan but sometimes life gets in the way, and it can be quite difficult. But that doesn’t mean you can’t take on a major race, sometimes it’s best not to apply so much pressure to yourself to do every single run.

What is your running goal or focus?

To get the six-star medal around my neck! And to travel to more counties to take part in many more races, I love how different each race is. In Tokyo, confetti fills the air before the race begins, it was truly memorable.

How do you keep yourself motivated to keep going during a marathon?

I bring my 14-year-old son as support to my races and seeing his face and the look of pride as he sees me running towards him, keeps me going. The big hug from him at the end makes it all worthwhile. It’s all about proving something to yourself but also proving to others that anything is possible!

What’s your favourite Marathon, and why?

The London Marathon is amazing! Everything from the gorgeous hotel, organised by Sports Tours, to the roaring atmosphere of the course and the amazing crowd support. It’s the one race I really hope I get to do again.

What motivated you to keep going during the marathons and do you have any training tips or advice?

Don’t sweat the small stuff. If you miss a long run one week, just keep going with your plan – don’t let it destroy all the training you have already done.

What are your plans after running Tokyo?

I am hoping to get my six-star medal in Boston 2025. And If it wasn’t for my injury this year, I’d have booked to go to South Africa and take part in the Sanlam Cape Town Marathon with Sports Tours. Maybe next year!

Why did you decide to run with Sports Tours?

A few years ago, I was doing the Great North Run in Newcastle, and I was staying in a hotel that Sports Tours runners were also staying in. I got chatting to one of the reps and he invited me to join them for breakfast. The following year myself and my friends signed up for the Berlin Marathon with Sports Tours and I’ve have been travelling to races with them ever since.

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