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9 May 2024   |   Blog   |   


Sports Tours International ambassador David Yim (aka Yimmy) is no stranger to the London Marathon, if you know Yimmy you’ll know that London is his favourite Abbott World Marathon Major of all time. Not only has Yimmy achieved his coveted six-star journey with Sports Tours, but he has also run London six times! We caught up with Yimmy to see if this time was any different.

What word would you use to describe the London Marathon this year?

At Sports Tours’ pre-race brief, I described the London Marathon as having the three C’s – Course, camaraderie, and crowd. But the word that described the London Marathon best this year is ‘biggest’. It was the biggest field and the biggest crowd, at every single mile there was support, even in areas that were historically quieter like Creek Road were absolutely bulging with people.

What is the London Marathon course like?

There’s so much entertainment en-route, while running past mile 12 there’s a full brass band playing with bagpipes and Morris dancers and there’s always someone playing the Rocky theme tune as you pass into Cutty Sark. Let’s not forget Sports Tours international with their cheer station at mile 22. I’ve never seen it like this before – there’s no better marathon to run then a loud and buzzing one!

Did you run the London Marathon differently this time?

No, I didn’t run it any differently this time. The reason that the race was different for me was because my running partner got sick at mile 12, she started getting severe stomach cramps, so I spent half an hour with her in the medical tent. I had to finish the marathon on my own without my running partner. But because I had stopped for so long my body started to seize up, the last 12 miles were the hardest that I’ve ever had to do.

What was your experience like this year?

Having to leave my running partner was tough, I had trained with this person, she is my partner in crime, we don’t do long runs without each other. I was immediately worried about running on my own, but I didn’t need to worry because the camaraderie on the course is second to none. People were giving me fist bumps, taking selfies and just so friendly. Something I learned this year is that you’re never alone in London.

What would you tell someone wanting to run the London Marathon for the first time?

The number of participants on the course is the reason I wouldn’t run the London Marathon for a time, there were 53,000 runners this year! Instead, I would run for the atmosphere and the landmarks. My advice for anyone is to save a little energy until you get to the tunnel at the end of mile 24, because this is the hardest bit, don’t get carried away and go downhill on mile three. As always, I tell people to savour the moment crossing Tower Bridge and get ready for the selfies! It’s a magical event and a race you’ll never forget.

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