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16 November 2023   |   Uncategorized   |   


Preparing for a spring marathon in the winter months comes with its challenges. As the days get shorter, temperatures drop and motivation wanes staying committed to your training becomes crucial.  As the old saying goes; ‘winter miles means summer smiles’! Our running ambassadors, Sally, Yimmy and Dann, share their insights to help you maximise your winter training and ensure a successful marathon despite the dark and gloomy months.

Safety first

Running in the dark requires extra precautions. Sally advises informing a friend or family member of your running route, especially when running alone. Yimmy and Dann suggest investing in a cost-effective head torch or chest light for visibility in poorly lit areas. Yimmy, having found an affordable option on Amazon, emphasises the importance of avoiding potential hazards during your run.

Nutrition matters

The winter sun often leaves many vitamin D deficient, which can impact calcium absorption crucial for bone health during marathon training. Yimmy recommends taking Vitamin D and Calcium supplements together, emphasising the cost-effectiveness of purchasing them online. Sally, a fan of hearty breakfasts, opts for Quaker Oats Porridge Pots, ensuring her training nutrition aligns with marathon day requirements.

Winter kit essentials

Dann advocates for a Hi-Vis waterproof jacket to enhance visibility during dark, rainy runs. Though not the most stylish choice, the effectiveness in being seen outweighs the aesthetic concerns. Sally’s preparation routine involves laying out her kit the night before and warming it on a radiator to eliminate any excuses for avoiding the cold.

Winter hacks

Yimmy shares his surprising secret for staying healthy through winter—Frankincense oil. Claiming not to have suffered cold symptoms for five years, Yimmy takes two drops of the oil at the onset of any signs of illness. This unexpected remedy showcases the diverse approaches runners take to maintain their health during challenging seasons.

Weather considerations

Recognising the unpredictability of winter weather, our ambassadors advise against forcing yourself to train in icy conditions, as the risk of injury outweighs the benefits of one run. Checking the forecast before heading out and considering a treadmill as an alternative ensures a safer approach to winter training.

As you navigate the winter months, embrace the mindset that while it may not be sunny and warm, the unique beauty of winter can be inspiring. Remember, no one can predict the weather conditions on race day, as evidenced by the Boston Marathon and the Dublin Marathon this year. So, stay consistent, stay safe and adapt your training to the unpredictable challenges of winter as you work towards your spring marathon goals.

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