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24 October 2023   |   Blog   |   

From Runner to Rep: Eoin Daly caught the running bug at the Dublin Marathon!

It was at the Dublin Marathon in 2017 that the running bug first sank its teeth into Eoin. Fast forward to today and he’s proudly notched up an impressive count of nine marathons under his belt, with no intention of slowing down. Eoin’s journey took an unexpected twist when he crossed paths with Sports Tours International at the Dublin Marathon, ultimately leading to an offer he couldn’t refuse.  His infectious enthusiasm, passion, and wealth of knowledge for running made him the perfect candidate to become a representative. Naturally, we couldn’t resist asking Eoin about his top pick among the marathons he’s conquered and the spotlight shines on none other than the Dublin Marathon.

What has been your favourite marathon to run out of the nine?

Eoin’s love for running truly soared during the COVID era. Between December 2021 and November 2022, he ran four marathons, all in support of the Crumlin Children’s Hospital. If he had to choose a favourite, it would be the TCS London Marathon, an event he’s done twice. Eoin loves the London Marathon, citing its sights and the regularity of scenic delights along the route. From Tower Bridge to sweeping views of the London Eye and the Big Ben, it’s an experience that leaves an indelible mark. But, of course, Eoin’s heart remains loyal to the Dublin Marathon, a race that echoes the charm of London in many ways.

The Dublin Marathon unveiled

As the Dublin Marathon approaches, those running it for the first time can look forward to a captivating experience. Eoin’s first-hand account of the race draws parallels with the London Marathon, with enthusiastic supporters lining the entire route. The atmosphere is charged with excitement. Runners will be treated to stunning sights, including the iconic Phoenix Park, one of Europe’s largest urban parks.

Tips for conquering Dublin

Eoin’s wisdom for conquering the Dublin Marathon comes down to a single piece of advice: pace yourself, especially when encountering the slightly hilly section known as St. Laurence’s Hill, affectionately called Heart-Break Hill. Beyond that, soak in the electrifying atmosphere. The route, for the most part, unfolds smoothly with only a few gentle inclines. Towards the end, runners will find themselves on a downhill stretch after University College Dublin, a perfect climax to a challenging journey.

Dublin, beyond the Marathon

Dublin is a city steeped in history and culture and Eoin recommends exploring its many attractions. He playfully acknowledges the Irish fondness for a good pint and one must-visit destination is the Guinness Factory. This tour finishes in a bar located several stories high, offering a fantastic view of the city. Additionally, Eoin has prepared a route for a Saturday morning shakeout run commencing in Stephen’s Green. Along the way, runners will be treated to sights such as the Aviva Stadium. The route promises a scenic tour of Dublin’s highlights before concluding at the marathon expo!

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