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2 June 2023   |   Uncategorized   |   


Completing all Six World Marathon Majors in a lifetime is a huge achievement. But when our ambassador David Yim (Yimmy) decided to run six majors in six months we couldn’t quite believe it! Not only is this a world first (with London now back to its traditional April date), Yimmy has become a hugely influential cheerleader among Sports Tours runners and the wider marathon community.


Why did you decide to run all 6 World Major Marathons in 6 months?

Lots of people have done the six-star challenge, but something made me want to do it in six months. I wanted to show that if a normal, short, fat, middle aged person can achieve something extraordinary, so can anyone else! But not only to do it in one calendar year but to do it in the shortest time possible. It’s not easy by any means, but I had to inspire others to go for it!


What has marathon running done for you personally?

It’s been life changing. I never thought I’d be a runner. I was the short fat kid at school doing anything to avoid PE. Fast forward to now, I’m speaking on the main stage at the National Running Show! I pinch myself – it’s transformed my life. I’m healthier, fitter, and focused on a passion with the outlet to channel my energy. It’s great how being part of a marathon means you can encourage people to discover a new passion.

You recently ran Boston, what advice would you give to run a World Marathon Major?

The most important thing I always say at any marathon is don’t start too fast. It matters in places like Boston because it is all downhill for the first six miles. The crowd at Boston were consistently loud, giving everyone fist bumps and chanting words of encouragement, much like London and New York. Tokyo on the other hand is a quiet marathon, but that’s the culture.


What advice would you give to someone who’s thought about doing a marathon but is daunted by the prospect?

I sign off all my social posts – dream, believe, achieve. My role is to help people believe that they can. I have the same anxiety and imposter syndrome as everyone else. But running a marathon is all about commitment, determination, and dedication, and being patient with the results! If you run too fast or push too hard, you’ll hate it. Find your pace and don’t be disheartened if you don’t see results overnight. People have struggled with their training and suddenly at week 11 or 12, they nail a long run, and it becomes easy.

How has Sports Tours helped you?

Sports Tours has facilitated my dream. The team is like an active family that comes together. The inspiring people I have met through Sports Tours have become my friends, we all support each other and keep each other sane. I could not have done all six majors in six months without them. They aren’t just an agency that secures your tickets; it’s a community of people coming together.


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