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8 November 2023   |   Marathon   |   


The TCS London Marathon sees runners from all over the world come together and run through enchanting streets and past world-famous landmarks. The city bursts with enthusiasm, as people line the streets ten-deep to show their support. It’s a celebration of diversity and culture. But is it the jewel in the crown of the six Abbott World Marathon Majors? According to our ambassador David Yim (aka Yimmy) the answer is a resounding yes – and he should know. Not only has Yimmy achieved his coveted sixth star, but he has also run London FIVE times and will be on the start line again this April. We spoke to Yimmy to find out what makes London great.


Why have you run the London Marathon five times?

The London Marathon is my favourite of the six World Marathon Majors. Not just because it’s my home race but because, in my opinion it’s the best of the six. I tell people to run it because it has the three C’s. An incredible course, which is relatively flat with famous landmarks the whole way like Cutty Sark, Tower Bridge, the Shard, Big Ben, and Buckingham Palace! The second C is the crowd; London must have the most consistent crowd – there isn’t one blank spot, especially when you go past Tower Bridge – the noise is deafening! The third C is comradery amongst the runners. People make lifelong friends at the London marathon; one year we found out it was someone’s birthday while running along the course; suddenly you had 50 runners all singing Happy Birthday in unison.

What makes the London Marathon so memorable?

London is the most inclusive and diverse marathon. It has the most charity runners, and we’re all treated as proper runners…which we are! I always like to raise awareness for a charity. I chose my Young Lives Vs Cancer top, to give this charity maximum exposure. Linked to that, I also want to raise as much money as possible. There are thousands of charity runners at the London Marathon and it’s humbling to be a part of.

What are your tips for people running the London Marathon for the first time?

My first tip is to know where the landmarks are and what to look forward to, they give you such a boost! Cutty Sark is at the end of mile 7 and the crowd is phenomenal, pushing you on further. Just after halfway is Tower Bridge. As you’re coming up to it the crowd goes wild, it’s one of those wow moments where you realise, you’re going to run across a famous landmark. My second piece of advice is to hold back a little bit of energy until you get to the Blackfriars underpass, it will take a few minutes to get through. When you get to Big Ben, give everything you have left!

What is the most challenging part of the course?

The most challenging part of the course is mile nine because it’s the ‘boring middle’ even though the crowd’s there, there are no landmarks. You’re on a high from Cutty Sark and then there’s not much to see, but every year the crowd gets louder in this section. That bit is still a bit of a challenge for me, it’s a narrow part of the course with not much to see, that’s when it starts to hurt.

Why run the London Marathon with Sports Tours International?

My advice to all those out there wanting to run a marathon overseas, go with a travel operator like Sports Tours. This way you get added support and encouragement from their team, and you get looked after, from start to finish.

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