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15 September 2023   |   Uncategorized   |   

Chicago: Be blown away by the windy city

From deep dish pizza to jazz clubs, whether you’re into parks or museums, sports or theatres, Chicago has a lot to offer. This super-fast and friendly Abbott World Marathon Major has more to it than first meets the eye. Here’s our short guide to why the “windy city” could blow you away in 2023.


The great outdoors:

With over 600 parks in total, the Chicago Park district is one of the most varied on the planet. Perhaps the most famous, Millennium Park, has been enormously popular since it first opened in 2004. Not only does it boast some 24.5 acres of green space, but it also features an impressive line-up of open-air cultural events including a summer concert line up, and film screenings.


A sporting Mecca:

If you want the ultimate running experience in a multifaceted, multicultural, and ever evolving modern city, where better to choose than Chicago! Home of the Bank of America Chicago Marathon, one of the prestigious Abbott World Marathon Majors. The abundance of green space and trails make for a city seemingly purpose built for running. Chicago is also one a handful of cities to feature teams from all five major American sports. So whether you’re pounding the shore of Lake Michigan or cheering home runs at Wrigley Field, you can guarantee the windy city will serve up an unforgettable sporting experience.


Food glorious food:

Chicago is sure to leave you asking for more. All hearty and delicious, Chicago is known for its wealth of diverse foods. Home of deep-dish pizza, the Chicago style hot dogs are unmatched, and there’s this tasty thing called Italian beef everywhere you turn. Known for its rich Italian, German, and Mexican communities, there are a plethora of culinary opportunities open to you, including many other, world cuisines.

Sports Tours are holding a celebration party for all our runners and companions to celebrate your running success! This will take place at Bub City, including drinks and a hot and cold buffet. Bub City is the destination for house smoked barbecue, comfort food galore, whiskey, and all things Southern!


Arts and cultures:

Chicago has always been a hub for arts and culture in America. On many streets in Chicago, there are pieces of abstract art, statues, murals, and more just about everywhere you turn. This city is also the home of House Music. The, now widespread, genre originated from the underground club culture of Chicago in the 80s and 90s.

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